how much are ray bans more scalable responses which will more effectively prevent data breaches and loss.

Cybersecurity Firm Proofpoint Acquires NetCitadel for

Cybersecurity company Proofpoint acquired incident response automation company NetCitadel for $24 million cash on Tuesday. An official release from Proofpoint said the benefits to clients will include faster, more scalable responses which will more effectively prevent data breaches and loss.

NetCitadel co founder and CEO Mike Horn is joining Proofpoint as VP of threat and response products as part of the deal. NetCitadel staff has been relocated to Proofpoint’s Sunnyvale, CA headquarters.

The strengths of Proofpoint in threat detection and blocking will be complimented by the automated response technology of NetCitadel, which quarantines impacted systems and blocks communication with malicious sites "within seconds or minutes of an initial alert" according to the release.

"This technology is a natural complement to our cloud based offerings and allows us to deliver a comprehensive advanced threat solution to all organizations, regardless of their existing IT security infrastructure," said Gary Steele, chief executive officer of Proofpoint. "Now, not only do Proofpoint solutions help block known threats and detect previously unknown threats, Proofpoint solutions can also confirm and contain successful attacks in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional incident response approaches."

The importance of the speed of incident response is emphasized by Proofpoint, and attack resolution time is the top concern for network security professionals, according to a CEIC survey released in September.

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Cybersecurity incidents and data breaches have continued to make headlines, including recent breaches at Bitly and AOL. The new threat landscape is motivating an ongoing round of mergers and acquisitions in the security field. This year’s many acquisitions include Bit9′s purchase of Carbon Black, and VMware’s purchase of AirWatch.

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