cheap longchamp bags the junta has no better idea than to hack the free media

Burmese Junta Attacks Websites

Following Russian hacks of Georgian and Lituanian targets, this is the latest politically motivated cyber attack. However, the attack by the Burmese government is against its own citizens.Irrawaddy reported that Thai web host I NET said its site been hit by a denial of service attack, overwhelming the site with traffic andforcing it using force against the peaceful, metta suttra chanting monks, the junta has no better idea than to hack the free media, read a comment on Irrawaddys website by a user known by the alias generals may think they scored a hit with this virus attack, but in the long run, this hacking shows their desperate attempt to gag the mouths of people even outside Burma, and will never succeed. The virus launched the attack as scheduled, overloading the site’s servers with requests and successfully bringing the site down.

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