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Do Shedding the Clothes Enhance the Experience

I recently stumbled onto an article titled "Why do Yoga In the Nude?". Some clients of mine do yoga in the nude, and after hearing about it, I was initially a little judgmental and even critical of the practice.One of my personal goals is to try hard not to quickly judge situations, other people, or their actions, so this article was a good start in educating myself on nude yoga. However, I was taken by the fact that nude yoga can help those with body image problems. In the end peoples choices are their own and while nude yoga is not for me, it works for others. If you read the article, then don miss the comments at the end.While nude yoga can enhance a feeling of freedom and be exhilarating, some poses can be "challenging" when done nude!Being in the Massage industry led me to wonder how a nude massage might change the experience and dynamic of a massage. Would that change be entirely positive?I personally think all massage is sensual in nature, however if done in the nude does the massage become erotic, or can it just be a nude massage?Clothes can certainly get in the way. If you are a massage therapist who makes use of various parts of the body during the massage ie, arms knees, thighs, chest, then clothing can be a problem.Nude massage can certainly be erotic, but it can just be an intimate experience by people who are comfortable their own skin Again I feel that the individual will take home their own experience and this will vary greatly.

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