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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Weight Lifting Exercises

This is also the case if you are a guy who is scared of becoming overly bulky, but would at the same time like to add some nice lean muscles to your frame.

You see, the reason you wont end out looking like a body builder is because bodybuilders take special steps to end out looking that way, to get big and bulky they will work out in a certain way,then when they want to get ready for a for a competition, they will eat and train differently then too, so please rest assured, doing weight lifting exercises will not make you big, unless you want it to.

So, with that out of the way, lets set about with why you should start using weights:

Weight Loss One of the things that people do not understand is that just like doing cardio, weight training is a good way of losing weight. How this works is that lifting weights in reality increases your metabolism, so you burn up more calories, and this is not just in the gym, this also occurs between workouts as the resting metabolism rate is higher too, so as long as you do not have some kind of crazy diet, then you will probably be able to eat the same and still lose weight.

Increased Bone Density This is important, particularly for women as they start to get older and possibly become more given to osteoporosis, but equally for men it is important as you get older too. The cause for this is that when you lift weights you are also increasing your bone density as well which is making the bones stronger, so, do weights if you think you may get osteoporosis or feel as if you have brittle bones at all. Ideally, if you are young, then this is a great time to be doing weights for this as you could be preventing yourself from future problems.

Injury Prevention Tendon, ligaments and weak muscles have one thing that they share, they are all very easily injured. But, the good news is with weight training not only are you making your muscles stronger, but you are fortifying all the supporting connective tissue too, such as the ligaments and tendons. And whilst injuries are still possible when lifting weights, there is probably less risk of an injury than there is in other exercise regimes because you are doing a more restricted range of motion.

I’m sure you will agree they are three great reasons to start doing weight training, because not only will you be able to reduce your body fat and increase your metabolism, you will also have stronger bones supporting your frame, and because of strengthening your ligaments etc. be less likely to have an injury. So no more sitting on the fence, get started with your weight training exercises today

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