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Seeking scs trial advice archive Stretching can you reach into say a regular type washerarghhhhhh.I spent the last half hour writing a post into the stickies at the top of the forum about blast and logroll and was about to wrap it up when my flying fingers hit a wrong combination of keys and poof, away the post disappeared.Gone.I wanna cry. : ( I came up with blast after the implant surgery when the ralph lauren outlet UK post op nurse was trying to tell me to remember blt and add no stretching to it.I told her that was not good enough because it involved too many mental steps.Instead, i coined blast, incorporating stretching into the acronym thusly: 1.B do not bend this means do not bend over at the waist to pick anything up from the floor [ask for help, squat, or use a"Grabber"Device which can be purchased at any popular pharmacy].If it falls, do not bend over to pick it up.Do not bend to load/unload the washer or dryer or dishwasher.Do not bend to pick up a remote control or the telephone.Place such things at your reach to minimize the temptation to bend.Do not bend to wash your hair, as this will stress those tenuous leads emplaced in your spine.Pretend no one will see you until the trial is over and forget vanity for a little while as you learn whether scs will work for you. You may bend somewhat to sit in a car, on a chair or sofa at home, on the toilet to do necessary things, as this form of bending did not seem to interfere with cheap ralph lauren the process when i was in the trial.Get a grabber such as you may find at a name brand pharmacy for reaching things you should neither bend nor stretch to retrieve while in trial.