the north face outlet uk Old VW Beetle Specifications

Old VW Beetle Specifications

The VW Beetle was an early vision of Adolf Hitler whose ambition was the provide a "people’s car" that could carry two adults with three children at 60 mph and cost little more than a motorcycle. By 1935 the prototypes were being tested and by 1936 steel bodied Beetles could reach a top speed of 65 mph. Specifications included a 948cc engine with 22 brake horsepower (bhp). Work began on the new factory to produce the cars in 1938 when it was declared that the vehicle would be known as the KdF (Kraft durch Freude) Wagen, which is translated as "strength through joy car."

The first decade in the life of the VW Beetle saw many evolutions in specifications as the car gained in popularity. The year 1946 saw the introduction of grease nipples on the brake cables and an increase in tire size to 5.0×16 from 4.5×16. In 1947 the VW heating system was given separate winter/summer setting via a manual flap adjustment to close off the air intake, and the spare wheel was locked in place with a bracket and chain. By 1950 hydraulic brakes were fitted on sedans and cabriolets made for export and better alloys were used for exhaust valves.

By 1961 the VW Beetle’s transmission was synchromeshed, the fuel tank is flatter and the front brake shoes are wider and flatter. For comfort, the seat backs were re contoured and there was a sun visor and a grab handle for front passengers. Larger heater pipes provided more warmth in winter, and there was a pump windshield washer. The 1950s worm and roller steering box was replaced with worm and peg. The year 1962 was the last in which semaphore indicators were fitted, while in 1963 the Wolfsburg crest was discontinued. models of the Volkswagen Beetle were given double joint rear axles along with a day or night rearview mirror. At this date these improvements were not on other models.

The 1970s specifications saw the introduction of the vertical coil spring, MacPherson strut front suspension alongside production of the standard Beetle suspension. Country to country differences included engine sizes, with Australian Beetles having two categories: the 1,300 standard Beetle or the 1,600 Super Beetle, while in America both Beetle engines are 1,600. In 1974 the Beetle was given a new cylinder head using better alloys to provide improved heat dissipation, and in 1975 fuel injection was introduced.

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