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Zombies Costumes

The the pea shooter heads each consist of a 6" diameter foam ball and a cut down plastic bucket for the cone. The bucket was a little over 5" at its top diameter and we cut it to a height of about 4". The ball was carved out with a utility knive to make a space for a foam ball shooter, and a dowel rod was inserted into the foam ball as a handle. The foam ball, ball shooter, and dowel rod were spray painted lime green (an unpainted shooter is also shown).

The outer covering of the pea shooter heads was a lime green fleece fabric we found at a fabric store. We had to experiment a bit to find the right shape to sew the head coverings, but hopefully these photos give a good idea. The fleece was very elastic, so the exact shape isn that important. We just tried to make it on the tight side, so it would stretch around the forms, giving definition to the head and holding everything together.

The dimension of one side of the head covering is roughly 8"x16". With the main part of the head being 8"x8" and the cone protrusion also being 8". We left a fair bit of fabric for the "neck" and only cut it down once all the pieces were assembled. We didn sew the "neck" seams all the way down because we needed to be sure we could fit the foam ball.

I used this as guidance for my 6 yr old son costume, but I changed the basic hood design for one I got from a pattern I just put the cover portion where the face hole was. It was lined, which solved the duct tape/ elastic problem for the main hood, and shaped a curve in the top and bottom for our son forehead and chin. I had to hand sew the bucket/chin opening closed, but it came out very well. I made some fleece and hand tacked them to the back of the hood, instead of using actual or silk shrubbery (I couldn find any in small quantities).

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